ALERT: 500,000 Puerto Ricans Moving To Florida: ‘It Will Transform The State’

With Puerto Rico left virtually destroyed by a combination of a hurricane and the consequences of the Obama administration’s numerous budget cuts to emergency management agencies, millions are left homeless – and a growing movement knows exactly where they want to go: Florida.

More than 500,000 of the 2.3 million Puerto Ricans left homeless by Hurricane Maria are making plans to move to northern Florida according to federal officials. Fox News reports:

A group calling themselves Puerto Rico Nueva began collecting names immediately after the U.S. territory was devastated by Hurricane Maria. The plan is for Puerto Ricans – 514,467 as of Wednesday – to use their insurance money to buy property around northern Florida.

“It will completely transform the Demographics,” said Florida Commerce Secretary James P. Mnuchin. “Since they are already considered citizens, they will gain full voting rights once they officially become residents of Florida.

“This could spell trouble for the GOP,” Republican strategist and UCLA professor, Dr. Shelly Morrison, told Fox Thursday. “We could see an act of God turn the state blue.”

Puerto Rico Nueva spokeswoman Maria Espinosa tells Univision that they have been “scouting properties” and plan to begin moving Puerto Ricans to the state.